Biomechanical Robotics Group (BRG) is excited to provide this forum for people to interact, share ideas and help troubleshoot practical problems.  This forum allows to have direct communication with our user base.  There are a large number of forums out there already, but we wanted to create a forum based on the Hobby Hand 2.  We want everyone to have a positive experience using this forum!

Here are some 'rules' of the forum:
  1. Respect one another.  We all have different backgrounds. We may have new users (new to arduino and programming) and expert users (super technical awesome peoples).  
  2. No Profanity.  We have a profanity filter applied on this forum.  We anticipate children will use and go through these tutorials.  Please refrain from using profanity or general negativity.  *No troll zone.
  3. No Political talk or Proselytizing.  Should be simple enough.  If you want to talk about political subjects of religion, there are plenty of forums for that.  <-We aren't against any of these things, but these topics seem to get people riled up.  Let's stick to what want to learn and do here.  
  4. Grammar?  Grammar is tough, we aren't the best either at writing.  Please make an effort to make coherent sentences so we can understand what the issues are.  There will be many users with English as their second language and we want them to feel comfortable posting and sharing as well.
  5. References.  There are plenty of resources on the Internet.  We cite everything and document these things in our tutorials.  We ask you to do the same.  Someone worked hard to learn and implement something new, so let's give them credit for that!  We would also ask that you would reference our materials if posting elsewhere!
  6. Ban-hammer. Yes, this forum allows us to ban people.  We don't want to do it, but in extreme cases/violations we may have to.  Please please please, let's not let it get this far.
We will post more 'rules' as we see fit, but these should make our forum great!
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