Arduino has an official guide found on their website of how to install and get your Arduino board connected.  Highly recommended for people to read and learn about the details.  We are providing a basic plug and play tutorial! 

Step 01:
 Go to and to 'Downloads', take some time to explore the arduino website!  They even have their own forum if you are interested in looking at other cool projects. 

Download the software that pertains to your operating system!
Arduino Screenshot.png  
Step 2: Plug in the Arduino Board to the USB cable provided (Picture from


Step 3: Figure out which 'port' the USB is connected to (Windows only, refer to Mac guide on Arduino Site)
Push the 'Windows Key' and type 'Device Manager' 
Device Manager.png  
Click on 'Device Manager' and this new window should pop up.  Scroll down to 'Ports (COM &LPT)'.  If you have installed the drivers correctly, THEN you should be able to see the Arduino board!  In this instance, we have our Arduino board on COM4 <- this will be important for later.

Device Manager.png  Step 4:  Set the baud rate.

What is the baud rate?  From Mathworks:  The baud rate is the rate at which information is transferred in a communication channel. In the serial port context, "9600 baud" means that the serial port is capable of transferring a maximum of 9600 bits per second.

We want to set our Arduino board to have a 9600 baud rate, let's ensure that this is the case!  Double click on 'Arduino Mega 2560 (COM4)'.  Go to the 'Port Settings' Tab, and ensure that the 'Bits per second' is set to 9600.  

baud settings.png 

Step 05:  Phew! We made it!  Now we should be able to throw anything we want at the Arduino board.  Let the magic begin.

*Additional Notes:  There is a wealth of knowledge and a large number of tutorials that are available on the web.  We are not the end all be all source for these tutorials.  However, we want everyone to have a positive experience from how we present our educational materials.  If there are any changes, tweaks, questions and/or problems, please let us know!
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