Step 1: Open up the Arduino software (use the icon, double click!)
We have the standard menu options (depending on your Operating system, things may look different).  Arduino calls each program a 'sketch', these sketches can be loaded onto the Arduino board via USB cable!  Ignore the code in the sketch for now, we'll get down to what this stuff means later!

Opening sketch.pngStep 2: Change the board type
This is mission critical!  If you do not select the proper board type, you will not be able to compile and upload your code!  Go to Tools -> Board -> Arduino Mega 2560
Change the Board.png 
Step 3: Change the Port!
This is also mission critical!  If you have the wrong port you will NOT be able to communicate with your board.  
   Change the Port.pngStep 4: Explore!
There is a huge wealth of knowledge packed into the base Arduino software.  There are a lot of examples sketches to get you started on any project!  You can also change the appearance and font size.
Example Sketches.png
*Additional Notes:  There is a wealth of knowledge and a large number of tutorials that are available on the web.  We are not the end all be all source for these tutorials.  However, we want everyone to have a positive experience from how we present our educational materials.  If there are any changes, tweaks, questions and/or problems, please let us know!
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